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NEW Monthly Designs

Our number one goal is to have to coolest weight lifting and powerlifting belts on the market! So unlike all the other single color, plain, or just straight up boring weight lifting belts, we create custom designs ever 30-60 days(depending on demand of a specific design).

We here at Just Gym Stuff really want to be able to provide something special and unique. So, with each design, we will only be doing limited runs. That means, if you get a custom belt, you are only one of the few to have that specific, limited time belt. Each belt is shipped with a custom designed authentication card showing which number belt you have of that select design.

Another thing of great importance to us is community. That is why we are making you a part of the design and choice process. Every month, new designs will be showcased for a poll as well as community design contests! When the new design(s) are to be released, whatever design the community decided or made, will be put into production.


Quality Materials

JGS believes in providing not only the best service possible, but the best products possible. Though we may only offer a few products, it is because we will only offer a product we believe in. Our goal is to continue offering more and more quality, custom, and most importantly cool gym stuffs!

FAST Shipping

Being located right in the center of the US in beautiful Kansas City, MO, we are in the perfect area for easy shipping to almost any US location. But that doesn’t mean we can’t send our gym stuff anywhere! No matter where you are, we will do everything we can to get our cool gym stuff in your hands.



Hassle Free Returns

Everyone here at Just Gym Stuff absolutely hates all the hassles of returns of what should be simple, resolvable issues when ordering online. That’s why we wanted to make things as easy as possible when it comes to returning a product that you are unhappy with. All of our belts and products come with a 7 day, easy return policy. Just fill out this simple form and we will take care of any issue as quickly and easily as possible.

FREE Workout Tools

JGS isn’t only an online shop. Just Gym Stuff is a source for helpful information and tools to help promote a healthy lifestyle. As we continue to grow, we will continue to add tools, information, and anything else we think might help someone on their journey to become the best version of themselves.


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